Construction Update – April 2018

Construction Update – April 2018

Excavation, piling and shoring.

The bulk excavation works are nearing completion. Piling works, shotcrete and rock-bolting are all complete. Detailed excavation works for the raft foundation of Tower Q1 are complete and the steel reinforcement is currently being fixed. Preparatory works for the raft foundation of the reservoir have also started.

Construction Works.

Two of the four raft foundations, Towers Q2 and Q3, have now been completed. The four continuous, independent, mass concrete raft foundations require up to 36 hours of non-stop casting per pour and are envisaged to total around 12,000 cubic metres of concrete and 1,300 tons of steel reinforcement. Abiding by UNI-EN standards, the pours require strict temperature control and a specific cement grade not widely available in Malta. The project team, engineers and architects are following a detailed logistics plan and emergency plan to ensure the continuity of pouring, with heat sensors feeding back temperature data at all times.

Works have also commenced on the vertical walls and columns in Basement Level 05 beneath Tower Q3 and also in the Fire/Irrigation reservoir.

The project’s momentum is reaching new levels – this is what happened in May 2018.