DeMicoli & Associates, established in 1985 is an internationally renowned architecture, engineering and interior design firm based in Malta. DeMicoli & Associates has received global recognition for both architectural design and interiors.

The firm has enriched itself by designing, constructing and managing a diverse number of commercial, residential, hospitality and restoration projects both in Malta and abroad. The company’s portfolio ranges from large-scale mixed-use developments to small-scale restoration projects. DeMicoli and Associates continues to strive to be at the forefront of architectural design and construction through the adoption of Building Information Modelling. The recent expansion of the firms R&D, as well as digital and robotic fabrication has further affirmed the firms’ position as one of Malta’s leading architecture and design practices.

Crystal Ship, Portomaso

The Crystal Ship is the name given to the second Portomaso Tower. Perfect project management was needed for this high-rise steel building. A high-rise in steel is a challenge – New Challenge, Great Satisfaction!

The second Portomaso tower consists of 11 floors with a total office area of over 5,000 m2 and 1,500 m2 of terraces.

Portomaso has replaced a single floor restaurant/cafeteria, which sat on five floors below road level, three of which are parking levels.

All the preliminary work, which served as the foundations of the new tower, was carried out by Elbros Construction, who worked methodically during the night not to affect the operation of the supermarket and the shopping mall. Due to these restrictions, this phase took almost a year to complete – from May 2017 to April 2018.

The main structure above road level, including the glass façade, were entrusted to a renowned Italian company, Pichler, which has constructed landmark projects all over Europe and recently also in New York. The architectural design was by Architect Ray DeMicoli of Demicoli+Ass. Pichler were also entrusted to do the building’s structural design, apart from the construction. This started in June 2018 and was completed within 10 months, in April 2019.

The final phase, which took another two months to finish, consisted of all the stainless-steel railings around the terraces and the huge pipework structure that enclosed the entire façade. The architects, together with Pichler, created this awesome structure as an aesthetic feature, but also wisely used it to drain the surrounding terraces from rainwater, which is collected for re-use.

In respect of the tower’s environment-friendly attributes, the engineers have specified various features, including:

• perimeter curtain wall glass with excellent thermal conductivity, light transmittance and solar energy values;

• insulation of all exposed structural walls;

• an AC system that has an elevated coefficient of performance; and

• collection and re-use of rainwater

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