Construction Update – March 2022

The Quad's Construction Update - March 2022

The roofing works on Tower Q4 are now finished. Installation of VRF units at roof level of Tower Q3 has now been fully completed. Fixing of stainless-steel railing in Tower Q2 roof is in progress. The floor-to-ceiling and curtain-wall fa├žade in all of the lower floors of Tower Q4 is in progress. Fixing of stainless-steel […]

Construction Update – August 2021

Vertical construction works in Tower Q4 on Level 20 are completed. Roofing works on Towers Q4 are ongoing. Tower Crane beside Tower Q1 has been disassembled and the voids have been roofed off to L00. The closure of the voids of the tower crane beside Tower Q2 have been completed. The installation of the mechanical […]