Construction Update – June 2018

Construction Update June 2018 - The bulk excavation works for the site are now complete with detailed excavation works for the floor slab between Towers Q1 and Q2 currently in progress. Construction works on the roofing over of the basement level 05 beneath Tower Q3 have commenced, with the vertical walls and columns beneath Tower Q2 [...]

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Construction Update – May 2018

Excavation Works Bulk excavation works are nearing completion. The site access ramp is being shifted to make way for the foundations of Tower Q4. Detailed excavation works for the last part of the raft foundation for Q4 are currently in progress. Construction Works During the last week of May, the foundation for Tower Q1 were [...]

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Construction Update – April 2018

Excavation, piling and shoring. The bulk excavation works are nearing completion. Piling works, shotcrete and rock-bolting are all complete. Detailed excavation works for the raft foundation of Tower Q1 are complete and the steel reinforcement is currently being fixed. Preparatory works for the raft foundation of the reservoir have also started. Construction Works. Two of the [...]

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