Construction Update – December 2017

Construction Update – December 2017

The site has been properly hoarded off and includes 362 linear meters of hoarding. Site hand over and mobilisation done in early March 2017 with excavation works starting at the end of March 2017. Currently at 75% progress, excavation works are on target for completion at the end of January 2018.

Other works presently ongoing include rock face trimming, rock bolting and the shotcrete of vertical excavated surfaces.

The construction works of the project (Phase B) will start in early 2018. One of the first major foundation will be prepared and cast and this will be a 4,000 cubic-meter steel reinforced concrete structure.

The site has a superficial area of 11,260 m² and an excavation volume of 183,000 cubic-meters of solid material. The project is scheduled to use 6,500 tonnes of steel reinforcement and 123,100 cubic-meter of concrete.