Construction Update – July 2018

Construction Update – July 2018

The Quad Business Towers – Construction update July 2018

Detailed excavation works for the remaining floor slab at Basement Level B05 are in progress and the temporary site access ramp is expected to be removed by mid-August.

Construction works at Basement Level B05 are ongoing, with work on the vertical walls and columns beneath Tower Q1 progressing steadily and the roofing over of the sections beneath Tower Q2 and Tower Q3 now complete. Works are also nearing completion on the grey water treatment plant as well as the Fire/Irrigation reservoir.

The last and largest foundation beneath Tower Q4 was cast during the month of July. The first phase of casting involved a 2,694 cubic metres concrete pour over a continuous 26 hours, with the second phase of casting allocated a further 1,200 cubic meters of concrete. According to Malta Records the first phase of this huge cast is recognized as a breakthrough in the history of Maltese construction, since it is the largest reinforced concrete foundation within the Maltese Islands, carried out by one contractor within a single site.

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