Construction Update - March 2018

Construction Update – March 2018

Excavation, piling and shoring works.

The Bulk excavation works for the site are presently at 97% completion. Piling works are complete, with the remaining shotcrete and rock bolting works currently in progressDetailed excavation works for the raft foundation of Tower Q3 are complete whilst works for the raft foundation for Tower Q2 are ongoing.

Construction Works

The casting of the first foundation for Tower Q3 is complete. The cast took approximately 28 hours of continuous concreting. A volume of 2,100 cu.m. of concrete were poured during this period. Tower Q2 foundation has an approximate area of 1,170m². Construction works on the foundations of Tower Q2 are ongoing.

  • Blinding, membrane, geotextile and protective concrete screed works have been completed.
  • All lightning protection rods required for this tower’s foundations have been installed.
  • The installation of the reinforcement steel required for this foundation has started. Over 220 tonnes of reinforcement steel and 2340 cu.m. of concrete are expected to be used.

Review the development updates during April 2018.