Construction Update – March 2021

Construction works at roof level on Towers Q1 and Q2 are ongoing whilst Construction works of Tower Q3 are complete. The concrete slab in Tower Q4 Level 18 is also complete and vertical construction works on Level 19 are ongoing.

The installation of the mechanical and electrical services is progressing well at all Basement Levels including the tower cores. The installation of VRF units at roof level of Tower Q3 are in progress. Installation of rainwater & sewer systems and plastering works of the tower cores at all basement levels and in Tower Q3 are also in progress. Granite Staircases are complete in Tower Q3 and at all basement levels.

The floor-to-ceiling and curtain-wall façade is being installed in all the lower floors of the towers Q1, Q2 and Q4 whilst glazed façade installation in Tower Q3 is complete from Level 02 up to Level 15. Fixing of stainless-steel railing in the maintenance balconies have started in Towers Q3 and Q1. The sides and underside of these balconies are also being covered with aluminium composite cladding material.

Waterproofing works at Level 00 (Piazza) are in progress, while works in Tower Q3 Level 17 are complete.

The two steel bridges linking Tower Q2 to Tower Q3 and Tower Q3 to Tower Q4 have been installed. Two of the three bridges linking Tower Q1 to Tower Q2 are also installed. One of the two bridges linking Tower Q1 to Tower Q4 has also been installed. The manufacturing of the remaining two bridges are in progress.

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