Construction Update – May 2018

Construction Update – May 2018

Excavation Works

Bulk excavation works are nearing completion. The site access ramp is being shifted to make way for the foundations of Tower Q4. Detailed excavation works for the last part of the raft foundation for Q4 are currently in progress.

Construction Works

During the last week of May, the foundation for Tower Q1 were cast. It took 27 hours of continuous concreting for this casting with 2,320 cubic meters of concrete used in the process. Works on three of four (Towers Q1, Q2 and Q3) raft foundations are now complete, with steel reinforcement fixing works for the last and largest foundation (Tower Q4) now underway.

Works related to the vertical walls and columns in Basement Level 05 beneath Tower Q3 are ongoing, as are works related to the Fire / Irrigation reservoir and the grey water treatment plant area. The foundation for the potable water reservoir is now complete.

Full projections can be viewed here.

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