National Lottery Plc embarks on new chapter at The Quad Central

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National Lottery Plc embarks on new chapter at The Quad Central


In January 2024, the Quad Central welcomed its newest esteemed tenant, National Lottery plc, a prominent subsidiary of the IZI Group, to its state-of-the-art office and retail environment. This pivotal move, highlighted by the National Lottery as "exceptional" and a significant change, illustrates the unparalleled attraction of Quad Central as the leading office destination in Malta

National Lottery's choice to settle in Quad Central is motivated by its prime location, innovative design, and meticulous attention to workspace detail, which reflects the progressive spirit that defines Quad Central.

Move to Quad Central has been exceptional for National Lottery plc

“The move into the Quad Central has been exceptional for National Lottery, a game-changer in many aspects. We decided to move into the Quad Central, due to its location, design and the detail of every aspect of the new workspace. Our aim was to have all our workforce under one roof in a workspace that enables efficiency and productivity. The open layout fosters collaboration and creativity, while the abundance of natural light creates the right level of energy. In addition, our team can make use of the amenities and recreational spaces within the Quad Central. Overall, transitioning to the new offices has elevated our professional environment and enhanced our team dynamics and morale, setting the stage for further growth,” said Franco Degabriele, the Chief Commercial Officer, at the National Lottery. 

IZI Group stands at the forefront of Malta’s land-based gaming industry, holding exclusive rights to Malta’s national lottery via its subsidiary National Lottery plc and operating the renowned Dragonara Casino. The relocation to Quad Central signifies the development's role as a hub of professional excellence and advancement. Their extensive operations in online and land-based gaming, combined with a commitment to equal opportunities and significant employment within the local community, align perfectly with Quad Central's vision of fostering a dynamic and varied tenant mix.

The inclusion of National Lottery's team in the Q3 Office Block and their flagship store within the piazza is a testament to Quad Central's all-inclusive approach to combining workspaces with a vibrant living environment. Quad Central transcends typical office offerings to create an active community where businesses and individuals can flourish. 

Quad Central distinguishes itself through its strategic location and an unwavering commitment to offer innovative office design and tenant experiences. The bright, airy offices to let in Malta, filled with natural light and offering island-wide views, establish a new benchmark for workplace settings in Malta. These spaces are crafted to inspire, promote teamwork, and increase efficiency, all within an environmentally conscious and wellness-oriented framework.

The development offers a range of amenities aimed at fulfilling a variety of needs, including outdoor areas for relaxation, diverse food and beverage outlets, a supermarket, fitness and wellness centres, a pharmacy, childcare, and a medical clinic—all within easy reach. This ecosystem ensures a smooth integration of professional and personal life, supporting the comprehensive needs of tenants like National Lottery plc.

“We are excited to welcome National Lottery’s team to the Q3 Office Block at Quad Central, as well as to have one of their flagship stores join the list of commercial outlets in our Piazza. Our team is committed to offering our clients a seamless and pleasant experience at Quad Central, that starts from the initial enquiry and is followed through the fitting-out works and move into the offices, and their daily needs,” said Sandro Attard, the General Manager at The Quad Central.

This latest partnership with National Lottery plc emphasises Quad Central's ambition to be more than just an office space, and to develop a lively centre where creativity is nurtured, and the everyday work experience is enjoyable. National Lottery plc choosing Quad Central serves as a prime example of this vision, combining professional achievement with a dynamic community atmosphere.

Moving forward, Quad Central is focused on continuous innovation and growth, eager to meet and predict the changing needs of its tenants. The strategy is to not only cater to present demands but also to look ahead at future improvements, positioning Quad Central as the top business location in Malta.

Welcoming National Lottery plc is not just a significant event in their timeline but also highlights Quad Central's pledge to provide an unparalleled environment for work and lifestyle. Quad Central is a community full of possibilities, showcasing the evolving nature of workspaces. It invites others to embark on this exciting and hopeful journey, where businesses can succeed, employees are motivated, and every day brings new opportunities for achievement.

As Quad Central welcomes more tenants like National Lottery plc, it keeps its focus on its goal to create a place that offers more than just work, aiming to enhance the quality of life for all its visitors. Quad Central is setting new standards for office spaces in Malta, with a forward-looking attitude towards the future.